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The founder

Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Qualified

Before I started training and coaching, I suffered from PCOS symptoms that imposed on my self-confidence, motivation, and self-image in terms of my body. I found it really hard to love myself and I thought that it was impossible to look and feel my best because of the hormonal imbalances that PCOS comes with.

I started training when I was at a really low point in my life, and I noticed very quickly how the gym became a place of meditation, and somewhere I could really invest in myself and love myself for an hour every day. I’ve been training for four years now, I’ve lost weight, gained weight, and understood my body, and I wanted others to have this experience too.

I started my online coaching program because I love helping people and I think that women shouldn’t feel disadvantaged by a medical predisposition. I’m a qualified PT and my goal is to help women understand their bodies, by strengthening themselves, loving themselves, and not feel limited by the symptoms that PCOS may impose on them.


Coach & flexibility expert

Hi I’m Cici! I’m a coach at Fitness With Keisha. I’m so honoured to be part of such an incredible team where I get to do meaningful work and help women along their fitness journeys.

I have always been very active and into sports, training in competitive gymnastics from a young age. However, when I started my health and fitness journey I found myself scared and insecure – I don’t want anyone to experience that same feeling so I love talking to women who can relate so that we can overcome this together. 

I’m excited to help as many women as possible and be dedicated to the ladies onboard with us. I’m so proud of the community that Keisha has built and being a part of it is so inspiring, all we need now is you!


Admin Guru

Hi I’m Keeya! I’m a part of the Fitness With Keisha team working with Keisha on events, content and admin. I am thrilled to be able to support and grow this platform for all the women in board! 

I am passionate about expanding a space that makes women feel comfortable and loved, and I am excited to introduce unique ideas and conversations to an online coaching platform. I am here to help Keisha cater for every woman on board and help lift you spiritually and emotionally on this beautiful journey. 

Educating women on topics that concern women is valuable to me. I am excited to expose the women on board to topics regarding; women in politics, women empowerment and a day in the life of a powerful woman! I hope to continue to make Fitness with Keisha your platform to thrive in! 


Coach & womens health expert

Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Qualified

My name is Bavleen, I am a member of the Fitness With Keisha team and I’m passionate about women’s health. I used to be a client myself so I completely understand the worry of starting a fitness journey. My experience as a client has been more than just losing weight, I’ve learnt to prioritise my mental health and myself. 

I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, dropped numbers on the scale and even seen them get higher but over time I’ve realised the importance of progression over perfection. As someone who’s currently training to be a coach, I’m still on my own journey to reach my physical goals as well as helping other women achieve theirs.

My love for dance and experience in teaching zumba and bhangra has allowed me to see fitness from a fun perspective! This is something that I aim to spread. Fitness does not need to be stressful, it can be something you enjoy. My goal is to spread lots of love, support, and knowledge about sustainable progression so every woman at Fitness With Keisha can feel their very best!


Coach & women’s health expert

Hey! I’m Felisha! I am a proud women’s health coach for FWK! 

My 5 stone weight loss journey inspired me to qualify as a level 3 health and fitness coach so I could explore my passion further and help others achieve their goals too! Over the years I have built extensive knowledge on nutrition and women’s health through lots of patience and understanding of my own body and those that I have worked with! There is no ‘one size fits all’ so I ensure I take the time to work on every client holistically!

PCOS has a very special place in my heart and I feel so strongly about supporting women that suffer the difficulties that come with it! No one should have to suffer alone and on this platform I take pride in uplifting women both mentally and emotionally to encourage empowerment!


Coach & form specialist

Hi there! I’m Yunia, I am an Online Coach with Fitness with Keisha with a passion to support women through their fitness journeys and to lift more weights 🙂

As someone who has previously struggled with self-confidence and body image, once I tapped into my passion for staying active and cooking food, I was able to unleash a superpower that allowed me to become a competitive Powerlifter!

Strength training has many benefits, making everyday tasks more manageable such as carrying shopping or lifting your little ones! I used to experience gym anxiety, however once I set myself goals and found friends to train with, it became so much easier! It is also teaches you to focus on functional health instead of appearance and body recomposition instead of weight loss. This has improved my relationship with food also!

I am so excited so share what I have learnt through my strength training to empower women to reach their full potential! x