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What is the difference between the regular Online Coaching plan and the Community Pass plan?

Online Coaching Plan Includes:

  • Personalised meal and workout plans
  • Certified 1-1 coaching
  • PCOS coaching
  • 1-1 chat
  • Goal tracking and guidance
  • Community group access
  • Live class access

Community Pass Plan Includes:

  • Full access to the live exclusive Fitness With Keisha classes. These include Zumba, Core & Stretch, Pilates, PCOS journey and more.
  • Full access to the Fitness With Keisha community groups to get meal inspo, workout motivation & where you can interact with other cysters, Keisha & the coaches to feel less alone on your PCOS journey.


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If you’ve been searching for an affordable, holistic program that nurtures your mind, body, and soul, then you’re in the right place! My Community Pass plan is here to empower you, create sustainable change, and make you feel supported every step of the way.

Our exclusive community of like-minded women combines access to live & recorded classes as well as a community group with everything from meditation, yoga, and workouts to education around PCOS, mental health and motivation to allow you to embrace a cysterhood that understands and supports you like no other.

Ready to take the first step? Join us today and witness the incredible transformation that can happen when women come together to heal, empower, and thrive!

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