Why Fitness with


Before I started training and coaching, I suffered from PCOS symptoms that imposed on my self-confidence, motivation, and self-image in terms of my body. I found it really hard to love myself and I thought that it was impossible to look and feel my best because of the hormonal imbalances that PCOS comes with.

I started training when I was at a really low point in my life, and I noticed very quickly how the gym became a place of meditation, and somewhere I could really invest in myself and love myself for an hour every day. I’ve been training for four years now, I’ve lost weight, gained weight, and understood my body, and I wanted others to have this experience too.

I started my online coaching program because I love helping people and I think that women shouldn’t feel disadvantaged by a medical predisposition. I’m a qualified PT and my goal is to help women understand their bodies, by strengthening themselves, loving themselves, and not feel limited by the symptoms that PCOS may impose on them.