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What is online coaching, and how can we use it to manage your PCOS Symptom?

Certified PT 1-on-1 fitness and PCOS coaching

I will be there every step of the way to help you reach your fitness goals and keep your symptoms in check

We communicate over chat

Updates, advice and support from me to keep you anxiety-free and motivated on your journey

Personalised meal and workout plans

Delicious, curated PCOS friendly meal recipes, and a workout plan tailored to your needs and capacity

Goal tracking and guidance

Easily keep track of your target under my supervision


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Keeping PCOS

in check

PCOS can be a tricky condition with symptoms that can make you feel very disadvantaged.

Often times it can impose hormonal, and cortisol imbalances that may result in anxieties and mood swings, leaving you feeling helpless and lacking confidence. It may even affect your physique.

The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have full control over you, and you can take your body and its symptoms into your own hands with the right type of effort. 

Eating correctly and exercising properly can result in massive improvements towards your body and your mindset. 

My program might just be what you’ve been looking for to keep your PCOS in check, and transform your life!

No, we work with ladies with & without PCOS 🙂

Why Fitness with


Before I started training and coaching, I suffered from PCOS symptoms that imposed on my self-confidence, motivation, and self-image in terms of my body. I found it really hard to love myself and I thought that it was impossible to look and feel my best because of the hormonal imbalances that PCOS comes with.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, we work with ladies with & without PCOS 🙂

The price is dependent on your goals and how long your journey with FitnessWithKeisha will be. Fill out the quick enquiry form on my website for us to contact you and discuss your goals! It only takes 2 minutes!
All supplements are optional – Keisha may suggest some vitamins to take for your PCOS which are completely natural – but these are totally optional too – we can make loads of progress with just your nutrition and exercise changes.
We have a minimum commitment period of 3 months, but your FitnessWithKeisha journey can last as long as you would like it to 🙂

You will be speaking to one of Keisha’s wonderful assistants who work very closely with Keisha to help handle the enquiries. This allows Keisha to focus on her clients and maximise the time she can give to them!

Depending on your goal you may need some basic weights – upon creating your plan Keisha will suggest you some weights that you can purchase & use.

They’re delicious! Keisha will always try to include meals and recipes that you will love! When you sign up you’ll complete a questionnaire where you can tell us the foods you like to eat. Keisha will use this as a base when creating your plan, although please remember that maintaining the same diet as you are used to may not always be possible, depending on your goals.

You got options sis! Your Meal Plan is full of recipes, with a variety for each meal of the day. You can request any meal changes, swaps and additions on your check-in days to keep the selection updated and ensure you always have new tasty recipes to try! You are also welcome to track your own food to the macros Keisha sets you, to allow you to eat meals of your own choice.